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Turn Down Your Risk

Reduce your exposure to paying compensation and fines.

With our services you can collect and retrieve data that will enable you to reject spurious claims and reduce the impact of inflated ones.

One barrister's opinion was that only the most determined litigant will pursue claims if it is clear that claims will be resisted by the presentation in court of evidence of care.

We provide simple test and monitoring tools, and treatments if necessary. The records of test and treatment can be input from a smartphone and are kept in the FACTS cloud based system.

The data can be used to monitor compliance and be used in evidence.

Our unique FACTS system is designed to reduce exposure to the occurrence and consequences of slip accidents. It reduces the number of real accidents by preventive measures and provides a defence against spurious and real but inflated claims.

FACTS includes:

- Risk Assessment Support for reducing exposure to Slip, Trip and Fall accidents
- Bespoke Risk Management Consulting Services 
- Guidance and recommended solutions for Control Measures