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Bath Guardian System

Are your Baths and Showers Safe?

entering a bath

Getting into or out of a bath is dangerous. If the bath surface is slippery and a foot slips, the person may fall.

If they hit the bath taps or a basin when they fall, then it can cause serious injuries.

Even worse, if they lose consciousness they may be not be discovered for hours, with fatal results.

The Bath Guardian system reduces the risk. A simple wet-wipe treatment makes the bath or shower less slippery. 

A handheld tester gives an instant readout to say when the long-lasting treatment needs refreshing. 

All the results of this testing and treatment are captured with a Smartphone App and stored in the FACTS system in the cloud.

Reports can be generated to show that care has been taken to make the baths and showers safer.

They can be used to defend against fake claims, and to reduce the cost of real claims if they do occur.

Click Treatment, Testing and Reporting for more details.